Role Model Professional Development (PD) was originally known by our clients as  Role Model Productions and “The Super Fun Show” We are pleased to announce that we have added an educational training component to our enterprise, professional development (PD).

Role Model PD’s focus is to assure the most scholarly educator that our main focus is training and development; the fun comes as a bonus. Our niche is music production, videos, and support materials. Our training fit the needs of our new millennial teachers, as well as head-start and pre-school children.

Role Model PD serves the Early Childhood Education Industry with progressive curriculum enhancement programs. We are one of the leading providers of live children concerts.Providing television, multi-media programs, online education, instruction, and great content is what we are notorious for.

Our curriculum enhancements make your current teaching systems better. Programs are more interactive and super fun 

How We Can Help You

While good curriculum provides exceptional materials, it is up to the teachers and instructors to find ways to keep busy little minds and bodies active and engaged.

Helping children learn and retain information is the goal of teaching. Our programs make your curriculum come alive!

Preschool girl playing with a camera
Mother with small children
ECE - Development beyond preschool as two girls learn through art.
Teacher with students

What we provide for teachers, parents, and children

  • Cultural Diversity
  • Observation Preparation
  • Stress Management
  • Mental Health Series
  • Parenting curriculum
  • Podcasts
  • Subscription Based Content