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Our one mission is to help parents and children enhance their learning process through interactive music, fun and education.

Role Model Parenting Curriculum and Professional Development App

Why Role Model?

For Parents

We Help Parents to assess the current health of their family system: emotionally, socially, mentally and morally. We Teach Parents to identify and remove obstacles to the development of positive parent-child relationships. And we empower parents with alternative techniques and activities to transform their perceptions of parenting and facilitate a strong parent-child bond.

For Children

A child’s social-emotional skills are an extension of her parent’s; therefore, the success of a child to effectively maneuver at home and in various public setting, both socially and emotionally, is dependent on the parent’s ability to appropriately model how to respond (verbally and non-verbally) and interact with others.

For Head Start & Preschools

Our curriculum is a user-friendly, research-based curriculum and meets the 1302.51(b) of the Head Start Program Performance Standards. We enable programs to meet the goals of Head Start Early Learning Outcome Framework and the Family Engagement Outcome Framework.

Role Model PD App for Parenting Curriculum

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