Classroom Management

Classroom Management

Effective behavior management techniques will be exhibited through creative
expression, music, movement and exploration.

Participants will be introduced to various methods of engaging children in meaningful activities that set the tone for appropriate learning behaviors.

This session will exhibit how to maximize the productivity in the classroom through seamless transitions and diminish if not eliminate any waiting around.

Teachers will be introduced to a musical playlist that signals a set of behaviors that help manage transitions that happen relatively quickly and seamless.

Within the instructional learning format the teachers will learn how to use music and other activities that relate to the subject matter to keep the children engaged and drawn into the learning process

Classroom Mastery Kit

The Classroom Mastery Kit will allow your teachers to start the new school year with an intentional focus on routines using engaging content.

Behavior Management is paramount to the success of any productive learning environment.

With this kit your staff will have online access to a variety of engaging Instructional Learning Formats.

When you combine sound behavior management with engaging instructional formats you are in the most favorable position for increased Productivity.

This allows teachers to challenge the higher order thinking skills of young children with a positive climate that screams SUPER FUN!!!

Learning Objectives:

A. Engage participants in meaningful activities that can be introduced to the children. (Instructional Learning Format)

B. Make teachers aware of activities that maximize productivity and eliminate
any unnecessary waiting around for the children (Productivity) (BM)

C. To ensure participants know and understand each dimension they are scored in.

Measurable Outcomes:

A. Teachers will be able to create meaningful activities with creative expression, music and play.

B. Participants are able to design a musical playlist and an activity based plan
that manages transitions and behavior.

C. Teachers will be able to identify the three dimensions they are scored in and
be able to devise a plan that achieves a good scoring outcome.

Teachers participating in early childhood continuing education

Final Outcomes:

To understand each dimension of Classroom Management and be able to know when you are scoring in each dimension.