For Professional Development

Classroom Organization is the 1st of the three Domains that describes this session and how it will illustrate maximum productivity in the classroom through seamless transitions.

Classroom organization will also diminish if not eliminate any waiting around.

The participants will understand the scoring dimensions and be able to identify strategies to score higher on behavior management.

There will be strategies in place to score using different instructional learning formats.

Instructional Support is the 2nd of the three Domains. In this session participants will be introduced to various educational methods of engaging children in purposeful and meaningful conversations. These conversations will foster concept development and set the atmosphere for language modeling.

Quality feedback will be increased as a result understanding the importance of repeating what the children say after prompting responses with open-ended questions.

Emotional Support is the 3rd and final session of the three Domains.

In this session we will exhibit a variety of scenarios and methods that fosters developing emotional support.

Participants will be able to identify and demonstrate the differences between positive and negative climates.

Methods will be introduced to set the overall positive tone of the classroom.

Also promote teachers sensitivity and Regard for student perspective when interacting with children.