Many southern cities are large and bustling these days just like their northern counterparts. The city of Atlanta fits well in this category. Those who visit the neighborhood of East Atlanta Village soon learn that this is a great place to live and to play. The Home and Garden portion of a local magazine highlights why visitors have come to enjoy the urban offerings that are available near downtown.

You may choose to come to this near Midtown neighborhood to sample international cuisine. This can be done at the Global Grub Collective, which is a miniature version of a food hall. Everything in this near-downtown location is accessible to vacationers, business people, and residents. In fact, this area is often referred to as extremely walk-able. Restaurants, retail offerings, and coffee shops are only steps away.

Viewing Local Art

The state of Georgia is known for many different things, such as sports, music, and entertainment. Much of this can be seen clearly when you take a stroll through the village. Situated near 30309, this exciting neighborhood has grown by leaps and bounds according to Trip Savvy. There are terrific ways to see these changes, especially if you are an art lover. Living Walls has sponsored 100 public art projects here.

Tasting Area Cuisine

If you’re hungry and anywhere near downtown, the village is a nice place to visit. Tasting the area of cuisine can be done at one of the restaurants or cafés. You might even choose to stop at the Farmer’s Market on Stokeswood Avenue. Kids enjoy the edible garden, which offers tips and lessons. Restaurants, such as Emerald City Bagels, Banshee, and We Suki Suki present tasty cultural experiences near Midtown.

Listening to Lively Music

Smart Traveler provides you with a great guide for visiting communities and areas throughout Georgia. This website refers to the village as EAV and describes it as a place that has just a little bit of everything. It is possible to come here and listen to diverse and lively music. The Earl, for example, is located near 30309 and is considered one of America’s 40 Best Music Venues.

Exploring the city that you live in involves learning about individual neighborhoods. It can be a lot of fun to not only visit these portions of the city on a regular basis. This is one of the reasons why East Atlanta Village is so popular because it has an array of things to offer the public. Vacationers and residents here enjoy experiencing what this segment of Atlanta provides in restaurants, shops, and stores.