Observation Preparation

  • Classroom Management
  • Emotional Support
  • Instructional Support

Our Observational Prep Training will ensure clarity in understanding the Domains and Dimensions of how the teacher and  the child interact.

The Dimensions are organized into three Domains: Emotional Support, Classroom Management, and Supporting Instruction

  • Emotional Support assesses the degree to which teachers establish and promote a positive climate in their classroom through their everyday interactions.
  • Classroom Management assesses classroom routines and procedures related to the organization and management of children’s behavior, time and attention in the classroom.
  • Instructional Support assesses the ways in which teachers implement the curriculum to effectively promote cognitive and language development.

We will examine strategies that teachers use to promote children’s higher order thinking skills and language development.

We’re also going to focus on how teachers use feedback to help children learn.

Participants will be introduced to various educational methods of engaging children in purposeful and meaningful conversations that foster concept development and vocabulary enrichment.

We will showcase different language modeling  that provoke back and forth exchanges with children techniques.

Child Playing with blocks

Learning Objectives

  1. Define instructional discussion and share techniques to create activities that promote children’s hight order of thinking (Concept Development)
  2. Define and showcase examples of quality feedback that will expand learning opportunities.
  3. Discuss and exhibit language-stimulation and language-facilitation techniques that will extend a child’s oral vocabulary and their oral language skills.
Toddler writing

Measureable Outcomes

  1. Participants will understand what is necessary to create activities to promote higher thinking.
  2. Increased level of understanding quality of feedback needed to expand learning opportunities for children.
  3. Teachers will understand the importance of language stimulation and become more confident in developing techniques.
  4. Participants will be able to create and present an activity by using selected materials (provided by trainer) that incorporate concept development, vocabulary enrichment, and higher thinking order skills.