Each segment of the City of Atlanta is unique with its own personality and area attractions. Little Five Points is a fine example of a trendy and hip part of the city. You can come here to find burger spots, vegan restaurants, and other types of cuisine.

Shoppers interested in antique pieces or vintage clothing will be amazed by this neighborhood. This close to Midtown locale offers special venues, such as The Variety Playhouse long known for its live musical acts. Residents and tourists alike enjoy exploring the diversity of Little Five Points.

Explore More of the City

According to DowntownAtlanta.com, this specific area is a great place to visit and is a center for alternative culture. There are several theaters here, restaurants, coffee shops, and independent bookstores. Near downtown areas are some of the most popular because of the sights and sounds that define the Neighborhood itself.

Here are some spots for visitors:

See Local Artist Creations

Another detail that makes this near to Midtown jewel worth visiting is the local artist creations that are displayed here. The Washington Post describes this as an area with a high concentration of street art. These creations are photo-worthy and inspiration to those new to the city. Many of the stores and shops here also fit in the category of artwork with their exteriors. This is a fun way to view this trendy haven.

Sample the Best Cuisine

LittleFivePoints.net points out the importance of sampling some of the best cuisines the city serves. This is also a way to sample the country’s fare by visiting stops like the Vortex. The restaurant has ranked among the best place in America to get a burger. There are few better ways to experience what a city is like than from its cuisine.

Transform Your Hair on Vacation

Many people decide to make hairstyle changes while on vacation. Fortunately for visitors in this part of the city, locations like Envy Hair Salon are available. You may want a simple bob haircut or a brand new color. This is a fun way to transform your look for the season or even take photos at the onsite studio. Near Downtown, you’ll find this salon nestled in the heart of one of the most eclectic neighborhoods.

Include popular attractions in your travel plans when visiting Atlanta. You will soon discover just how much can be found in the city. Even if you can tour every location on your list, be sure to hit the top 2 or 3 must-see areas close to Midtown. This is the best way to get a distinct impression of the brilliance and diversity of this southern metropolitan destination.