Parenting Classes: How beneficial is It?

Parenting Classes, how beneficial is it? The reality of parenting is that there is no singular right or wrong way to teach every child. Your child is different than anyone else’s. Your children are even different from one another. How could they ever all be taught in the exact same way?

Peggy Drexler Ph.D wrote an article in Psychology Today “Is
a Child’s Behavior Always a Reflection of His Parents?” By being the best
example possible for your child, you can create a solid foundation for their
emotional and cognitive growth.

One way to ensure that you are putting your best face forward for your children is to look into parent education programs. These programs focus on developing positive parenting techniques that are age-appropriate and geared toward milestones.

If you are interested in learning how to promote positive behaviors through your interactions with your child, then parenting curriculum might be a good place to start.

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What are the Benefits of a Parenting Curriculum Course

We now understand that every parent can benefit from parenting classes. They are not a tool reserved for only those who are struggling. You might still be asking yourself, though, why you should take one if you aren’t currently having any difficulty.

There are multiple benefits to parenting curriculum that you might not realize. These benefits are vast and can help you throughout the many stages of your child’s growth and development. Below, we will discuss several of the reasons we believe any parent is a good candidate for parental education.

Understand the Basics of Parenting

Especially for new parents, understanding the simple basics of parenting can seem overwhelming. What is a proper bedtime? Should my child bathe daily? These are just a couple of the questions you might have as you ease into your role as a parent.

A simple parenting curriculum can help you gain insight into the most healthy routines and basics associated with raising your child. There is no shame in reaching out, even before bringing your baby home. Many parents choose to enroll in a parenting curriculum as soon as they are pregnant. Tera Schreiber says in [You can] “begin at the beginning with birth and early parent preparation”.

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Parenting Classes Can Teach You How to Get a Handle on Your Child’s Behavior

Is your child expressing odd or troubling behavior? While you will want to explore possibilities behind the behavior, a parenting curriculum can help you identify the what could be triggering this difficulty. gives some strategies and solutions for handling a difficult child.

Parenting courses can also help you understand how to handle your child when they are expressing this difficult and frustrating behavior. Learning to get unexpected behavioral obstacles under control early can change the child’s entire future.

Parenting is Learning Your Child’s Personality

All kids are different by nature. Some children are born shy while others are more outgoing. Some will be more athletic while others are more imaginative. You might have a cuddle, or you might have a fully independent child who prefers to do for themselves.

No matter what your child’s personality is, there is a way to effectively parent them. Bringing out the strengths of your child and helping them overcome any weaknesses will turn them into more successful adults.

Get on the Same Page with Your Parenting Partner

Odds are that you and your partner were parented in different ways. Because all parents are different and all kids are different, you may have each grown into an adult who feels that they alone know the best method of caring for your child.

Taking a parenting class together can help you and your partner organize a parenting plan that you both agree on. Learning science and psychology-based parenting methods and the reasoning behind them will help forge discussions about what methods you wish to use in your own home. Learn how to share parenting responsibilities with your partner.

Gain Confidence in Your Parenting Ability

Like all parents, you probably have moments of self-doubt. This is a completely normal feeling for any parent, and you are not alone.

A parenting course can help you gain the confidence you need to know that you are doing the very best you can for your child, removing any feelings of guilt or shortcoming.

Make Parenting More Fun!

Parenting doesn’t have to feel draining and it should not be a chore. Learning how to have fun with your child and in your role as a parent can make you a more loving and approachable parents. This is a long-term benefit of any good curriculum.

Pastor Doug Fields has a podcast episode on making parenting fun. This is a two-part podcast, that is funny and educational. Making Parenting Fun Part 1 and Making Parenting Fun Part 2.

Parenting is Learning to Prioritize Your Own Well-Being

It has been said that you can’t pour from an empty glass. Part of effective parenting is knowing when it is time to take a step back and relax.

A good parenting course will help you find coping mechanisms and ways to relax so that you are not allowing yourself to become overextended in your mothering or fathering role. Learning how to manage stress as a parent can save you and your child a tremendous amount of anxiety.

Build a Parenting Network

Wouldn’t it be nice to get connected and engaged with a group of other parents who are experiencing the same frustrations you are? A parenting class is a great place to build a network of peers.

By engaging with your classmates, you can develop friendships that will last a lifetime. These friends will become a support system and a network of others whom you can bounce ideas off of or turn to in times of difficulty.

Parenting is Discovering How to Engage with Your Child

As a parent, you might experience frustration while trying to connect to your child. Parents of older children or teens might feel especially blocked out of certain aspects of their child’s life.

Learning to engage with your child and gain their attention and respect is key. If your child is always looking at their phone or otherwise engaged or seems annoyed when you try to talk to them, they might be sensing that there is a lack of engagement, too.

According to Role Model Professional Development, when “parent[s] are more engaged in the everyday responsibilities of caregiving [they] also experiences an increased level of parent/child relationship satisfaction.” Kids want to be close to their parents as well.  Help bridge that gap.

A Parenting Curriculum Course Can Help You Keep Up with the Latest Research

There is constant research ongoing concerning proper parenting techniques. From year to year, we sometimes discover that once-effective techniques have grown obsolete. Staying on top of the most recent research findings can help you be the best parent possible for the times in which we live.

While we have covered a lot, these are only some of the benefits of a good parenting curriculum. There are many types of parenting classes out there, each one is unique in how it works.

If you are a parent in a special circumstance- for example, if your child struggles with a disability or if you are overcoming trauma within your family- a parenting course could be an even more crucial step in pointing your child in the direction of a healthy transition throughout life.

Also, remember that it is never too late. Even parents of older teenagers can benefit from a parenting class. There is always time to learn a better method and how to compensate for any mistakes that have made thus far. Everyone can benefit from parenting education.

Feeling Inspired? You Can Get Started with You Parenting Training Now!

There are many benefits to parenting training courses. Throughout this article, we have highlighted some of the most common parenting mistakes that even the most loving moms and dads sometimes make. We have also discussed the ways that parenting classes can help us raise more independent and loving children.

If you feel like a parenting curriculum is right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out and find the program that best suits your needs. There are curriculums geared toward every stage of life and every obstacle. This includes classes for teens, single parenting, or parenting children who have disabilities or behavioral disorders.

No matter what your reasoning for researching parenting curriculum, we hope that your questions have been answered and you are feeling more confident in your decision. You have taken a valuable step forward in being the best mom or dad possible and the type of parent that your child deserves.

There is help out there and we are glad you have trusted us at the beginning of your journey. The next step is to find a parenting course that will work perfectly for you. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. Good luck and congratulations on your decision to be a more effective parent!