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Parenting Curriculum

Role Model Parenting Curriculum is a user-friendly, easily accessible, research-based curriculum that strongly support family engagement.

How does it work?

This curriculum is a contractual agreement between parents and their children which is expressed verbally and physically prior to training.

RMC is comprised of ten sessions. Each session is approximately an hour. Parents can aparticipate in all sessions via cell phone, computer, or a group session.

What We Do


Help Parents (Caregivers) to assess the current health of their family system: emotionally, soically, mentally and morally.


Teach Parents to identify and remove obstacles to the development of positive parent-child relationships.


Empower with alternative techniques and activities to transform their perceptions of parenting and facilitate a strong parent-child bond.

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Structure for children

Incredibly Sophisticated and Technology Wise

RMC Guidance

  • Guidance
  • Strengthens the family’s subsystem
  • Creates an environment that fosters appropriate developmental skills children can effectively employ both at home and school 
  • Encourages the family to become more of an open system that adapts, changes, reorganizes, and develops as a result of new information and/or services from external resources (i.e., teacher, family service worker, etc.)

RMC Meeting Parents NEEDS

  • RMC meets 1302.51(b) of the Head Start Program Performance Standards, which requires grantees to offer opportunities for parents to participate in a research-based parent curriculum.
  • RMC also enables programs to meet the goals of the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework and the PFCE Framework.


  • Made to order
  • This curriculum was written by Sheryl Brown and Kim Rainey specifically for the 2016 mandate.
  • Weyling White, our accounts manager, has 19 years experience as a family service manager. 
  • Shawn Brown’s music and entertainment offerings complete the package.
  • Our team has over 65 years of Head Start experience.
"When using Open Ended Questions you are taking the child down another street, but Closed Ended Questions are a dead end street, it goes nowhere."