Region IV Head Start Conf. with Mark Davis on Compliance Monitoring (Focus Area 1 & 2)

Parenting Curriculum with Sheryl Brown and Kim Rainey

Shawn with Gerome Thompson of South Carolina State Head Start Assoc. Fatherhood Coalition

Shawn Brown with Stephanie Mavery of Nashville Tn Education and Training Assistant on Family Problems

NHSA 19 Parent Family Conf. with Sheryl Brown & Christine Stephens on Homelessness and Head Start

Region IV Conference With Sheryl Brown and Kendra Britton on Having A Heart for Children

NHSA 19 Parent Family Conf. with Sheryl Brown, Angela and Ana on Rules & Boundaries

Kimberly Nelson & Dekebra Andrews on Family Engagement Problems and Solutions

Sheryl Brown & Kim Rainey on Parenting Curriculum / Social Emotional Skills

Shawn Brown and David Rucker, Board of Head Start of the Northern Dist. of Florida

Tonya Jones Director with JCCEO (Jefferson County Community Economic Opportunity)

Shawn Brown and Latanya Boyd CCAINC (Family Service Manage) - Working with The New Normal

RMPD VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE TCR - Super Fun Saturday with Shawn Brown

More Podcasts Coming Soon

More Podcasts Coming Soon