Press Release

Atlanta, GA. 5/20/20

America "We're Gonna Make It"

“America” is a short film with patriotic symbolism that embraces our nation as we weather the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a song and story of hope and a tribute to first responders and front line workers.

The artist is childhood star Jamia Nash on stage in 2008, at the 80th Annual Academy Awards ceremony when she performed the Oscar-nominated original song “Raise It Up” from Warner Brothers’ feature “August Rush”

“We’re Gonna Make It” is written and produced by “One Hit Wonder” Shawn Brown a.ka. The Rappin Duke who in 1984 produced one of the genres first novelty rap songs. With his spot-on John Wayne impersonation he impressed Jimmy Fallon and was listed in his top 5 rappers of all time.

Role Model Professional Development is offering its parenting curriculum FREE to parents of young children to help build and strengthen family relationships as we go through this crisis. Shawn, musician and entertainer and his wife Sheryl, License Marriage and Family Therapist, offer a unique experience for families and children. They travel the country as keynote speakers and provide professional development for early childhood teachers and administrators.