Sheryl Brown VP of Role Model PD

Sheryl Brown

VP of Role Model PD

Sheryl Brown is a beautiful, intelligent soul with a wonderful sense of humor, which she would have to have to be married to Shawn.


Sheryl is the Vice President of Role Model Professional Development.


She holds a Bachelors of Science in Biology, a Masters of Public Administration and a Masters of Science in Psychology/Marriage and Family Therapy.


Sheryl is  a Licensed Marriage Counselor, Children and Family Therapist and Curriculum Author.  She has 26 years of experience.


She oversees the research and development of the training and support materials for Role Model Professional Development.


As a CLASS reliable observer, she has mastered the techniques for instructional Support and Emotional Support that leaves teachers feeling at ease and confident.


Sheryl has a music background and sings some of the background vocals on the Super Fun Show CD projects.


Some of her most revealing work is heard on the “Born to Win” CD (Social-Emotional Development).


Sheryl and Shawn have been married for 17 years with a beautiful two-year-old daughter Paris Linnel Brown.

Sheryl Brown Answering Questions at a conference

Classroom Management (CLASS)​

Learning Objectives and Measurable Outcomes.

Sheryl Brown VP of Role Model PD

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Classroom Organization, Instructional and Emotional Support

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