mental health

Trauma Informed Care and Response

Role Model Professional Development LLC is a company that is highly successful in providing early childhood educational programs. We recognize that the COVID pandemic has had a global mental effect on both educators, children and families. In response we are offering a Trauma Informed Care and Response program as a comprehensive Mental Health Series.

Trauma Informed Care and Response is now the expectation and not the exception in our service delivery system. Our presenters, Shawn and Sheryl Brown are a husband/wife power team that combines the skills of a mental health therapist and talented comedic styled professional Edu-tainer and motivational speaker. We offer the training and resources that your staff need to implement a Trauma Informed Care and Response framework in the classroom.

We’ve designed our professional trainings to prepare head-start and pre-school teachers to not only develop techniques for self-care but, to be ready for the challenge of new millennial children. We provide three 90-minute sessions presented virtually in the following areas.

  • Self-Care And Stress Management
  • Managing Stress
  • Get Up and Move
  • Mindfulness
  • Stress and Relaxation Techniques
  • Mindful Moments
  • Laughter The Best Medicine
  • Check Up from The Neck Up
  • Finishing The Race